Save Betsi Babies Campaign

For years in North Wales we have lived with the threat of Neonatal downgrading and shortly after I had my daughter at 25 weeks babies born under 27 weeks started to be transferred to the Wirral in England.

If this wasn’t bad enough, in February 2015, the shock news hit North Wales that Dr Led Maternity was being removed from our local hospital Glan Clwyd. Straight away as a premature mum you know how dangerous this is not having specialist care less than 50 minutes away in an emergency, but this also now affected every pregnant woman in North Wales.

I had a bit of a social media rant and within 24hrs we had a support page of 16,000 worried parents, grandparents and hospital staff all ready to fight the decision. Within weeks we organised the biggest protest North Wales had ever seen with over two thousand people attending. We made ITV and BBC news, had all the newspapers and radio stations on board and we continued to fight.

Things got even worse when three hospitals became at risk not just one and again we stepped up the fight.

After 9 months of fighting, the community of North Wales won the fight and we retained all services. We are so proud to have played our part as Little Miracles UK but even more proud to have the incredible staff and departments who ensure the safe delivery and care of our little miracles each day in North Wales.

We understand this isn’t just a North Wales issue and maternity and neonatal downgrades are happening all over the UK and if any hospital needs our support or even advice on how we fought the Government and health boards please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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