Going Home

Preparing for home

Your baby’s stay on the unit may be longer than your stay in hospital. Much longer in many cases. Your baby will be well cared for whilst you prepare your home for the happy day when you can take your baby home.

Family Room

Most units have a family room where you and your partner can stay for a day or two before your baby goes home . The rooms have an en suite bathroom facilities, a television and normally a small kitchen for you to use nearby.

When you stay in the room you can have your baby with you night and day. Should you need any help or advice, the nursing staff are always close at hand. There are internal telephones for you to call the unit.

Neonatal Community Nursing Team

Units have Neonatal Nursing Teams who visit some babies at home after they leave the hospital.

The service is mainly available for babies with ongoing specialist needs such as oxygen dependency, other long-term problems or those born very prematurely.

However a parents who feel they could benefit from the Specialist community involvement, may request a home visit.