Layla-Rose’s Story

It was 4th December 2012 and I was 28 weeks pregnant with my first child. I had experienced no problems before hand and felt great up to this point.

Later on in the day I became a little sickly so I spoke to my midwife who told me to ring the Doctor . The Doctor told me to come down for a check up. When I arrived he took my blood pressure and said it was high and went to consult another Doctor. As my blood pressure had been fine up to this point he asked me to pop over to my local hospital, he had called and told them I’d be coming over.

I waited for my partner to come home from work and we went to the hospital. The lady called me through and started to monitor the babies heart. I said to my partner ‘something doesn’t seem right‘, the look of worry on the lady’s face said it all. The babies heart beat kept fading.

“I said to my partner ‘something doesn’t seem right’, the look of worry on the lady’s face said it all.”

They monitored for a good while. The next minute a few doctors came in and starting talking about whether we would need to deliver the baby. At this point I was in shock and couldn’t quite take it all in. I was taken in an ambulance to another hospital (Arrow Park) the other side of Liverpool as it was the only one that was available that had a SCBU.

I arrived at the hospital and a lovely midwife introduced herself along side some doctors etc… they started to monitor the baby’s heart etc… kept coming in every so often for hours. Early hours on the 5th December the consultant came in and told us they had made a decision and were going to do an emergency cesarean. We were both in total shock and petrified to say the least. I was wheeled down to theatre.

My body was shaking as they put the needle in, there were so many people in there all waiting for the baby. At around 4am our tiny little miracle Layla-Rose was born weighing 2lbs 4oz. All I saw was this little pink hat then she was taking straight away. I was taken to a ward and the lady brought us a picture of her. It didn’t feel real at all. After a few hours we were taken to the SCBU and I couldn’t believe it. This tiny little doll all wired up in her incubator.

Placing our hand in to touch her was surreal and scary. I had to express my milk also and then feed her 1ml through the syringe. The ladies were brilliant and the first time we could hold her was so nice, but again a scary moment as she was so delicate. We were lucky enough to be put in a Ronald McDonald house close by to the SCBU, we couldn’t thank them enough.

It was so hard when the family came, putting a brave face on for everyone but breaking down afterwards. Such a hard and emotional roller coaster. After about a month she was doing well and was transferred to our local hospital which was a lot easier being near home and family. She was such a little fighter growing stronger everyday, even when she had to have a blood transfusion she came through it fighting.

“All I saw was this little pink hat then she was taking straight away. I was taken to a ward and the lady brought us a picture of her. It didn’t feel real at all.”

The day she came off the feeding tube and on to a bottle was one step closer to coming home. The time did drag and you even forget what day/time it is. After 3 months the time had come where they thought she was strong enough to come home. We were over the moon but a little scared as you got used to all the nurses being around in case anything went wrong. We spent 2 nights before we came home in the family room with Layla-Rose on our own which helped prepare us. It’s hard telling the story as it was such a upsetting time, but a happy ending.

I used to look at all the success stories on the wall in the hospital, it gave us such hope. And a supportive family also helped. It was so surreal going home, but the best feeling ever.

Layla was only around 4lbs when she came home, she looked huge to us but everyone else used to stop us and say how tiny she was. Then we would tell the story. Me and my mum still do now.

She’s now 3 and hasn’t had any problems since. She’s growing into a beautiful , clever little girl and she will always be our little miracle. Don’t give up, preemies really are little fighters and I hope reading our story will help other families who are going through what we went through.

Story submitted by Anon.

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