Poppy’s Story

I would like to share mine and my daughter Poppy’s story.

I had her at 29 weeks. I had early pregnancy scans due to bleeding but this one particular night after work I noticed she was not moving so I went in.

Everything was fine and I was told to come back the next day. So I did and also had to come back the day after. That’s when they finally admitted me and have constant monitoring.

The midwives said everything was fine and I could go home on the Sunday, but that all changed.

Poppy’s heart rate went down and no matter what I did they couldn’t get it back up. So I had a emergency c section and at 3.05 am she was born.

She didn’t need ventilation just CPAP, she spent just under 6 weeks in SCBU and I’m very thankful they saved her life. It turns out that her umbilical cord had a knot in it, and had done a loop-the-loop, so I urge anyone that has reduced movement to go and get checked out.

Story submitted by Paris Simms

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