Freya, Eleanor & Lily’s Story

We found out I was expecting identical triplets when I went for my routine scan at 11 weeks. It was a complete and utter shock because I hadn’t had any extreme symptoms (which you’d assume would occur with a multiple pregnancy), I wasn’t even showing a little bit and they were conceived naturally!

Unfortunately, two of our babies were surrounded by a lot of fluid and my newly appointed consultant was concerned about TTTS. So much in fact, that she told my husband and I that it was highly likely I’d miscarry in the next week or so.

After more routine checks and further examination, my consultant was concerned that the babies would have Downs Syndrome due to the fluid levels around them. We made the difficult decision to go ahead with a CVS test as we felt it was best for us as a couple to know with certainty whether or not we would have three babies with Downs Syndrome so that we could get the appropriate advice and support.

Happily, the results came back negative for all chromosomal abnormalities and by this point the fluid had reduced into the normal range. I was still heavily monitored and had weekly scans.

“I was rushed into theatre with barely any time to digest what was about to happen and our little girls were whisked away before I could see them.”

Apart from the emotional aspect of my pregnancy, physically it couldn’t have been better. This was why it was a shock and so sudden when I went into labour at 28 + 5 weeks.

I was rushed into theatre with barely any time to digest what was about to happen and our little girls were whisked away before I could see them. I caught a glimpse of one of them and she was so tiny and red and it was extremely difficult to believe I was seeing one of our babies.

It was five hours before my husband and I received the news that they were stable and we could see them. Freya weighed 2lb 10oz, Eleanor weighed 2lb 8oz and Lily weighed 2lb 4oz.

Despite being so premature, none of them needed ventilation and one was only on CPAP for a couple of days. The hospital was amazing and managed to keep all our girls together as they were initially concerned they’d be in separate hospitals which would have been a nightmare for us.

After ten days, our girls were doing very well and we were told they were being transferred our of NICU to a SCBU in a smaller hospital. Here, they thrived and miraculously, with no health problems, they came home after seven weeks and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

They are now 14 months and one needs some input from the physio but is doing well and is otherwise happy and healthy. They truly are our little miracles.

Story submitted by Jess Posselwhite

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