Who will be looking after my baby?

Nursing Staff

  • There is a manager in charge of the special care baby unit
  • There are sisters who lead teams of specially trained nursing staff who look after your baby day and night. They are all skilled in looking after premature and sick newborn babies
  • As well as being registered nurses, many of the nursing staff are specially qualified in sick childrens’ nursing or midwifery
  • Units have some members of staff who have undergone further training to become Enhanced Practitioners. These staff are experienced neonatal nurses who share certain duties and skills with other Doctors
  • Units also have Health Care Support Workers who work under the direction of the trained nursing staff.


  • There are Consultant Paediatricians, who are specialists in the care of babies and children
  • Consultants are responsible for the ongoing medical care of babies on the special care unit, and your baby will be under the care of one of these consultants
  • There are a number of other Doctors who work under the supervision of the consultants. These are:
    • Senior and Specialist Registrars
    • Staff grade doctors
    • Registrars
    • Senior house officers

You will see all of these staff frequently on the unit and they will be available in the hospital 24 hours.

Who are support services?

Many people are involved in the support services provided for your baby.

There are Pharmacists, Radiographers, Domestics, Social Workers, Ward Clerks, Specialist Engineers, Laboratory Technicians, Porters, Hospital Engineers, Radiologists and many many more.

You may not see all of these people, but without their help units would not be able to provide the care they give your baby.

Referrals are sometimes made to other specialists within the hospitals. This can include specialities such as orthopaedic and genetic. If your baby requires a specialist referral this will, of course, be discussed with you.