Transfers to and from other hospitals

Some women who are at high risk of delivering prematurely may be transferred from one hospital to another before giving birth, in cases of there being no space in your local unit or needing a more specialist unit.

Some babies may be transferred after birth for more specialist intensive care.

If you have given birth out of your area, once baby is well enough they will normally be transferred back to your hospital.

This is to make sure there is enough space and staff to care for any other babies who may need specialist care.

It also means it is more convenient for you as this usually means you will be closer to home.

The transfer of your baby back to your local hospital is an important event and is generally a step closer to taking your baby home.

Should you wish, the nursing staff will be happy to arrange for you to visit the unit at your local hospital before your baby’s transfer to the unit.

Some babies need to be transferred for a short period of time to another hospital. This is for specialist treatment including surgery, laser eye treatment and sometimes referral to Specialist Consultants for further opinion.