Your Role

What will I be able to do for my baby?

Your visits to the unit are very important to your baby, babies recognise you and your partner’s voices, and may be soothed by hearing familiar sounds.

No matter how small or sick your baby is, you can always hold their hand or stroke their soft skin. Wherever possible staff will get your baby out for a cuddle.

As your baby’s condition improves you will be able to do more and more for them. The nursing staff will show you how to care for your baby, even whilst they are still in the incubator. They will help and encourage you to do as much as you wish, including feeding and nappy changes.

If you would like your baby to wear their own clothes please ensure they are clearly marked with his or her name, and ask the nurses to put a card on his cot to let the staff know they are in their own clothes.

If you do bring in your baby’s own clothes please bear in mind that units cannot accept responsibility for their safe keeping, although they will obviously do their best to ensure they do not get mislaid.

Units are unable to launder clothes belonging to individual babies on the unit. However they do have a unit ‘wardrobe’ which you are welcome to use.

On occasions, when certain medical procedures are taking place, units may advise you to wait outside the unit. From our experience, this can minimise your stress. It also allows the nurses and doctors to give their full concentration to your baby. Following any such event, the nurses and doctors will make sure you are fully updated.